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Shunting Tractor ST-2

Shunting Tractor ST-2 is basically intended to replace the middle class

Shunting Tractor ST-2


As a base for shunting tractor ST-2 we adopted a modern HTA-220 tractor with axle arrangement 4x4. The tractor is equipped with a skeleton cabin that meets modern safety standards, it is provided with air conditioning, steering column with adjustable angle and height, car radio and comfortable workplace with a good driver's visibility.

With a combined travel (pneumatic tires and carrying rollers) ST-2 shunting tractor quickly and safely arrives at its destination, and always the shortest way. To set ST-2 tractor on the rails a small 5-meter long section of the railway crossing is enough as the tractor is equipped with ST-2 video cameras to facilitate setting guide rollers on the rails so the driver will require up to three minutes to do that.

Equipping of ST-2 shunting tractor with the compressor unit and the brake system makes it easy to cope with heavy shunting operations.


ST-2 is basically intended to replace the middle class shunting locomotives used by large enterprises with well developed railroad tracks at their own territory.Shunting Tractor ST-2


Enterprises of metallurgical, engineering, building, power, agricultural, coal mining and chemical industries, sea and river ports, warehouses, elevators, timber industry, small and medium-sized enterprises in various areas.

Shunting tractors can be widely used instead of TGM-type shunting locomotives by the railway departments, and particularly by: locomotive and passenger depots, materials and machinery warehouses, various workshops of the track, sleeper-impregnating works, rein¬forced concrete plants, open-cut mines, bridge construction trains, production facilities of track maintenance trains and by other structural units.


Shunting Tractor ST-2Among special features of ST-2 shunting tractor are:

- the ability to develop a sufficiently large driving force enabling to provides full services to facilities with car traffic volume up to 35 to 50 cars per day;

- the ability to move on the motor roads of the enterprise and quickly switch on the track to perform shunting operations with cars. This allows to speed up shunting work, provide flexibility of transport services and enables to use them for standard transport functions as a wheeled tractor.


The main advantage of ST-2 shunting tractor is that having the mass of 10 to 12 tons and the capacity of 200HP it is able to develop a rail mounted traction sufficient to move 6 to 8 loaded cars on line pieces with slopes up to 8%0 and on lines pieces with a zero slope up to 1,000 tons, retaining at the same time the abilities of the locomotive as a towing vehicle for transport operations.

The use of ST-2 shunting tractor allows the Company to find a fundamentally new way to solve the issue of transport services, significantly improve the technology of shunting, provide timely delivery of large-nomenclature and small-nomenclature of goods, as well as to significantly reduce the consumption of energy resources.

Compared to the existing analogues, ST-2 shunting tractor made in Ukraine is much cheaper (3 to 4 times) though its characteristics are not inferior to the famous foreign models.


Shunting Tractor ST-275% industry is made of small production enterprises, transport servicing of which is associated solely with supply and removal of an external fleet of cars provided by rail transport. They are characterized by a limited freight flow (up to 0.25 million tons per year) and the volume of transport activity (up to 30 cars per day).

In addition, large enterprises have separately located production and storage facilities that have similar freight flows and car traffic volumes.

However, under these conditions they widely use traditional transport technologies of large enterprises with costly and energy-intensive means of traction (locomotives) with the capacity up to 1200 horsepower and with towing weight up to 100 tons.

The studies revealed that the companies with limited volumes of transportation work are characterized by extremely low utilization of powerful locomotives: 12 to 15% in towing weight; 12 to 16% in capacity and 23 to 28% in terms of daytime. Under these conditions the annual volume of work per one locomotive makes 16 to 47 thousand tons, while at large enterprises it reaches 300 thousand tons.

Using locomotives with the capacity of 800 to 1200 horsepower in the areas with limited car traffic volumes results in high transport costs, in which the cost of energy prevails (up to 70%). Technical and economic calculations proved that with the freight flow up to 500 thousand tons per year (25 to 30 cars per day) the use of ST-2 shunting tractor will significantly (1.5 to 2 times) reduce operating costs for handling of cars.

The expected annual economic effect of using of ST-2 shunting tractor is estimated at up to 10 -20 thousand USA a year. The major part of the economic effect is achieved due to energy saving (fuel economy per one vehicle is within the range of 20 to 35 tons per year).

At the same time, the absolute value of economic benefit primarily depends on the capacity of the replaced locomotives as well as on the operating conditions of using shunting locomotives (number of loading and unloading areas, number of operating days and freight cars handled a year).